Who Would Get Assasinated, Clinton or Obama?

Election time is coming….

If I was President
I’d get elected on Friday
Assassinated on Saturday
Buried on Sunday
If I was president,
If I was president
An old man told me
Instead of spending
Billions on the war
We can use some of that money
In the ghetto
I know some so poor
When it rains that’s when they shower
Screaming fight the power
That’s when the vulture devours

…Gotta love Wyclef.

Values and stances aside, If elected who would get assasinated, Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton? America has shown a history of assassinating anyone with even the slightest inclination of promoting positive change. Everyone from Abe Lincoln and JFK to MLKJ and Malcolm X have been subject to the burden of progress so would Obama or Clinton be any different? They’re both minorities and arguably radical in their pursuit for presidency; so would they too be at risk? Sadly, Dave Chappelle was right in a hilariously twisted way when he said he’d never want to be the first Black president. As much as he’d like to see a Black president, America isn’t ready for one and the first would get assassinated. Instead, he’d want to be the second Black president and have “a Mexican” for a vice president and enemies would go for him instead. Honestly, America isn’t ready for a female president either, quite frankly America isn’t ready for a president that actually gets things accomplished. It would mean that everyone would have to start getting involved in the electoral process and live up to the values and constitution of the United States and we’re much too lazy for that “nonsense.” Screw an ideology, I want my six figures, house on the hill and that sexy ass iphone. Elections are approaching and its apparent that no one is ready, its kind of scary, intimidating maybe but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens. Besides, it’d give the media a break from covering the illegitimate children of porn stars and forceful thrusts of Senegalese falsetto vocalists.

Tell the children the truth, the truth
Columbus didn’t discover America
Tell them the truth,
The truth, Yeah
Tell them about Marcus Garvey
Tell the children the truth, yeah
The Truth
Tell them about Martin Luther King
Tell them the truth
The truth
Tell them about JFK…



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